Executor Checklist – agencies to contact following a passing

Following the Death of a Loved One

The time immediately following the death of a loved one can be filled with intense sorrow and emotional stress. During this time, the family must make a number of difficult decisions.

It is hoped that these guidelines may guide your family through the difficult problems of this trying time and that our staff can assist you in any concerns that may arise.

Death Certificates

The Funeral Home handles the details associated with the death certificate and the burial permit. You have or will have received copies of the Funeral Director’s Proof of Death forms from our office to assist with any estate work that will need to be done.

Canada Pension Plan

Eligibility: Canada Pension Plan contributors qualify their estates for the lump-sum Death Benefit if they have made contributions to the Plan for the minimum qualifying period required by the legislation.

A person is required to have contributed to the Plan from January 1, 1966, or from the month following the persons 18th birthday, whichever occurs later.

There are four possible Survivor’s Benefits payable:

-Death Benefit: a lump sum benefit payable to the estate of the loved one.

-Survivor’s Benefit: a monthly pension payable to the surviving spouse of the loved one.

-Children’s Benefit: a monthly pension for the dependent children of the loved one.

-Orphan’s Benefit: a monthly pension for the dependent children of the loved one.

The lump-sum Death Benefit is not paid automatically. The person having the responsibility for the administration of the estate should make sure that a written application for this benefit is made as soon as possible following the contributor’s death. Applications should be made to the nearest district local office of the Canada Pension Plan.


 Saskatchewan Pension Plan

Those who have contributed to this Provincial pension plan must fill out the required application of death form.( It may be obtained from your Funeral Director). Please notify SPP of the death by calling 1-800-667-7153. P.O.Box 5555 608 Main St. Kindersley Sk. S0L 1S0

Along with the completed application you will need to provide SPP with:

– a copy of the member’s death certificate from Vital Statistics or the funeral home that handled the arrangements.

– a copy of the member’s birth certificate

– a copy of the designated beneficiary’s birth certificate, and

– a copy of the marriage certificate if the beneficiary is the deceased spouse.


Life Insurance

Contact the agents of all insuring companies as soon as possible. Agents will supply the necessary claim forms.

All policies should be closely examined with agents, including lapsed policies to check for any extended coverage. Any survivors’ life insurance policies which name the deceased loved one as a beneficiary should be changed.

Funeral Insurance Companies: In some instances a person may have insurance specifically for payment of their funeral. The Funeral Director will assist you with these policies and submit the required claims forms. Such policies may be with: Purple Shield Company of Canada (Family Side), Life Investors of America etc.


Bank Accounts and Safety Deposit Box

Consult your bank to answer any specific questions. A bank account solely in the deceased loved one’s name may require probate action or consent to transfer from a governmental agency. Some banks may permit a release from smaller accounts for the payment of funeral expenses.

When a death occurs, a safety deposit box provides the tight security the name implies. A safety deposit box held in the deceased loved one’s name may be sealed until an official takes inventory of the contents. Consult the bank and a Lawyer regarding legal procedures.

In some cases the deceased loved one’s account is FROZEN upon death. The bank will work with the executor or co-signer to set-up an ESTATE ACCOUNT. Funds can then be disbursed to take care of immediate costs such as Funeral advances, ambulances, utilities, etc.



Bonds, Stocks, Retirement Accounts & Superannuation

Savings bonds held in the sole name of the deceased loved one must generally be probated. Bonds may be transferred to a named survivor, subject to estate taxes. Consult your Investment Officer, Tax Advisor, Banker or Lawyer.

In regards to stocks, contact the issuing broker or investment officer. Stocks and Bonds held solely in the deceased loved one’s name must generally also be probated. Determine if there may be any tax implications.

For Retirement Accounts (RRSP, RIFS etc) consult employers or a lawyer regarding the status of retirement plans and survivors’ benefits.

If the deceased’s loved one was paying into a Retirement Savings Plan- if self-employed or without an employer’s pension plan – Consult the insurance agent, investment officer, bank or a lawyer.


Real Estate

Real estate jointly held by a husband and wife is transferred to the surviving spouse. The services of a Lawyer – as in all real estate matters are advisable.

Property, which is solely in the deceased loved one’s name, or owned jointly by the deceased loved one and a party other than the surviving spouse, may require probate action whether or not a Will exists. Land Titles will require a copy of the Provincial “Certified” Death Certificate.


Saskatchewan Registered Automobile

Any titled, automobile vehicle, such as a car, truck or recreation vehicle becomes part of the estate when the deceased loved one is the sole owner.

For information regarding the transfer of title, contact your local license bureau or a Lawyer.


Saskatchewan Government Insurance Coverage

For Saskatchewan residents who are hurt or killed in a traffic accident in Saskatchewan or if you are in an accident outside the province while riding in a Saskatchewan licensed vehicle you may be covered under the Automobile Accident Insurance Act.

Death payments are made in two cases

– If the traffic victim dies within 90 days of the accident

– If the accident makes the victim totally or continuously disabled and the victim dies within 2 years of the accident.

A death payment to the primary dependent may be up to $10,000 .

Inquiries for this benefit may be made to your local car insurance company or directly to:

Saskatchewan Government Insurance


Saskatchewan Blue Cross 

Saskatchewan Blue Cross can be contacted at 1-800-667-6853. Saskatchewan. If you have purchased the accidental death package for funeral expenses contact Saskatchewan Blue Cross. In some cases, if death occurs while away on vacation, Saskatchewan Blue Cross may pay for transportation back home.


The Last Post Fund

There may be Funeral and Burial Benefits for eligible war veterans and peacetime disability pensioners. Financial eligibility is based on an assessment of financial resources at the time of death of the loved one. This assessment depends on the marital status of the deceased loved one and whether there are dependent children. If eligible, assistance may be provided up to a maximum amount specified by government regulations for funeral services, cremation, burial, transportation, and grave headstones. Information may be obtained at:

The Last Post Fund

Manitoba-Saskatchewan Office

51 St. Anne’s Road

Winnipeg , MB   R2M 2Y4

Toll Free: 1 888 233-3073

Telephone Saskatchewan : 306 975-6045

Fax: 204 237-116

Email: lpfinfowest@lastpost.ca


Department of Social Services

(Funeral & Burial Assistance for those without funds)

The Saskatchewan Government will provide a basic allowance to cover the costs of a funeral of a person whose estate is insufficient to cover the costs of a burial or cremation. Application for assistance for funeral expenses is to be made to the local department within 90 days of the date of the death. Families are advised to make an appointment with a Social Worker to fill out the application forms; these may be obtained at:  36 Athabasca St. W. Moose Jaw. Phone: 694-3647.


Canada Post – Change of Address

To change the mailing address of a deceased loved one, the executor, administrator or authorized decision maker must apply to the local Canada Post Office. Canada Post will require proof of your authority; such as a copy of the Will, a Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Certificate and a Statutory Declaration signed by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths. Our funeral director will assist you in providing these documents.

Saskatchewan Health Services Card

To cancel the Saskatchewan Health Services Card, the office must be notified of the death by simply calling the toll-free number listed below. A Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Certificate is NOT REQUIRED. Contact the Head Office at: 1-800-667-7551

Canadian Passport Information

The passport should be returned by mail to Passport Canada for cancellation. Include a copy of the death certificate and a letter indicating if the cancelled passport should be destroyed or returned to you.

By telephone Toll Free: 1-800-567-6868

In writing regarding Passports by mail: Passport Canada Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Gatineau, QC K1A 0G3

By courier: Passport Canada, 22 de Varennes Street, Gatineau QC, J8T 8R1


We at Hanson’s understand there are a considerable number of things to do following the passing of a loved one. Please use this list as a guide and feel free to contact us at any time for assistance with any of the above information.